Five Core Systems

Republic of West Papua: A Post Postmodern Green State – Blue Country

The Interim President of West Papua, Honourable Benny Wenda announced on December 1st, 2020 that West Papua is the first and only “Green State” to be born soon in this century, witnessed by global civilized and democratic community as well as all communities of beings in this planet Earth.

We are here to explain the meaning of “Green State” that coined with “Blue Country”. Green state refers to the terrestrial ecosystem and blue country refers to both aerial and aquatic ecosystems of our life: spirits, plants, animals, mater, landscapes and humans.

Five Core Systems

A.     Green System of Governance: Wantok Democracy System

  1. Based on local wisdom of organization and wisdom for each tribal area;
  2. Based on clans and cultural groupings, i.e., natural reality of clans, tribes and regions. No political parties, no political ideologies, and no political agenda;
  3. Varieties of election systems applied, according to the system used by each clan or ethnic group.

B.     Green Economy: Wantok Business System that Emphasises Local Products and Equal Distribution

  1. Capitals based on the people, not material or money
  2. Land belongs to clan, not individuals
  3. Everything should bring benefits to collective needs and necessities
  4. Everything should aim to be produced and consumed locally
  5. Focus on local products or local consumption, and shared with neighbouring villages, regions, islands, clans, and tribes
  6. Product distribution and delivery done by drones
  7. Local transportation be based heavily on railways with foot and bicycle paths

C.     Green Education System

  1. Teach and learn everything in each local language, regarding local issues and situation.
  2. Teach and learn something practical for life in own place, with additional knowledge for regions and nations. For examples, science and technology transferred to Melanesians in the lowlands and small islands are related to fishery, Coco farming and production, sustainable-fishing, coral reefs, medicinal values of any plants and animals in the water, and so on. Whereas for highlanders the science and technology transfer should focus on sweet potato, taro, red pandanus, coffee, tea, and others.
  3. Think and learn everything in inclusivist frame of mind: spirits, plants, animals, maters, landscapes and humans as one living system, as an organism with separate entities contributing to the “life”, in reciprocal way, in cause-and-effect relations, in a balanced mode of being.
    In other words, there is no division of labour, no departmentation of skills, science and knowledge.

D.     Green Healthcare System

  1. Focus on healthy life in relation to one’s own: healthy mind, healthy spirit, healthy food and drinks
  2. Focus on healthy natural environment
  3. Focus on local herbs rather than commercial medicines
  4. Promote local traditional doctors, and give them modern medical knowledge.

E.      Communication and Transportation Systems

  1. The country is fully Wi-Fi-ed with fibre optics, where every village and island are connected with the Internet, via Free Wi-Fi provision.
  2. Mobile and Internet platforms with mobile transportation emphasized to reduce unnecessary movement.