Policy Areas

Republic of West Papua: A Post Postmodern Green State – Blue Country

The Interim President of West Papua, Honourable Benny Wenda announced on December 1st, 2020 that West Papua is the first and only “Green State” to be born soon in this century, witnessed by global civilized and democratic community as well as all communities of beings in this planet Earth.

We are here to explain the meaning of “Green State” that coined with “Blue Country”. Green state refers to the terrestrial ecosystem and blue country refers to both aerial and aquatic ecosystems of our life: spirits, plants, animals, mater, landscapes and humans.

Five Core Green Policy Areas

  1. Green Energy (solar energy, wind energy, solar power, electric car…)
  2. Green Investment/ Natural Capital
  3. Green transport
  4. Green housing/ building
  5. Green Research & Development

A.     Green Energy

  1. Solar, wind and hydro power-based system
  2. Electric car, electric motorbikes, and even electric airlines.
  3. Gas powered tools, i.e., for cooking etc.

B.     Green Investment

  1. Invest on carbon trade
  2. Adopt a tree in New Guinea investment for global human family
  3. Impact investment policy
  4. Invest in people (social capital)

C.     Green Transportation and Communication System

  1. Only trains (railroads) for transportation between islands or villages. Reduce and finally stop cars/ roads to minimum needs (only inside village/ towns)
  2. Transporting goods and products using drones
  3. Develop more small airstrips, reduce airports.

D.     Green Housing and Building

  1. Only use local materials (woods, stones, soil);
  2. Build house based on local architecture, forbid foreign architectures

E. Green Research and Development

All research and development projects be directed towards “earthly living”, according to the wisdom of Melanesian tribes in West Papua.